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About me

About me

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"Think with your heart and lead with your energy - my mission is to guide you back home to your essence, so you remember who you truly are, before the world told you who to be."

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Your Energy Consultant and Alignment Trainer

As a heart warrior you live with your heart wide open and follow your inner intelligence instead of numbing your feelings and closing your heart. Being your true self allows us to blossom and shine our unique light into the world. 

I became addicted to the principles of energetic healing, and trained in mediumship, spirit healing, reiki, and the intuitive healing arts. I dived into literature and seminars to learn more about biohacking to activate our energy system - also on cell level- and live a life for maximum health. I become a certified coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer. Studying yoga, qigong, TCM, and practicing Tai Chi to master my own energy and learn how to help others to do the same became my main focus. 

Embarking on my own way of healing and learning I refer to myself as a 'constant work-in-progress', continuously learning and bettering myself in the school of life. My experience with chronic stress led me to support individuals in living a life of happiness and health. Promoting lifestyle choices, altering perception and beliefs for a more compassionate and mindful living and empowering them to follow their heart.

Energy mastery and activation is is my calling!

I am a energy healer and consultant. This means I can sense, see and communicate with the energy body of my clients. The last 5 years allowed me to master that skill so I can guide you on your way home to your true self - aligning your energy, body, mind and heart with your soul purpose. I am also a writer, and spiritual teacher. 

But I was not always that. I started my career as a marketing manager and worked for big international corporations before I hit my personal end game as the Claudia I knew back then. 

After recovering from burnout and finding myself confronted with the damage from chronic stress I became passionate about living a life in balance - the mindful way based on energetic principles - and aligned to my soul purpose and true self. 

I embarked on my personal journey of personal development led by my heart's whispers activating my gifts for healing and energy work. Learning what it meant to step into my personal power and embracing vulnerability in order unfold my DNA potential.  

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Helping individuals to remember who they truly are and guiding them back home to their true self - living a life with the heart wide open became my mission and purpose. I dedicate my life to connect people back with their energy and encourage them to live a self-responsible and fulfilled life. Finding your purpose and living it means lasting happiness and health.

Having a strong energetic system combined with living your true self is the magic combination for a life in abundance. Unfolding your true full potential to live a life in accordance with your heart. I focus heavily on a holistic healing approach with special attention to the energy body and energy healing modalities such as Reiki, Trance Healing, Yoga, Qigong, and Spiritual Coaching combined with Energy Psychology. 


I share my message and empower individuals through workshops, trainings and 1to1 sittings worldwide. 

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“I could feel such an energy flow through my body and such inner peace afterwards that I felt not only refreshed the next day but grounded and balanced for the next week. It is amazing!"


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