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True Self Calling


Burnout is the sign for you to embark on your journey home to your true self ...

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What is Burnout?

The World Health Organization defines burnout as a syndrome that occurs as a result of chronic workplace stress, especially when this stress is not well managed. It is characterised by three main points: the person feels like their energy is depleted and they are exhausted, they experience negative feelings or cynicism about their job, and they feel unable to carry out the functions of that job effectively.

But burnout can cause a deeper, more internal crisis, often forming as a result of not living the truest version of yourself, of not living as the person who you truly are but hiding behind a mask. Constantly suppressing your true nature costs your body and mind a lot of energy. It causes your batteries to empty, your holistic system to disconnect, and your mind-body-soul dynamic to become out of sync.

Burnout Recovery with your Chakras

You feel like you are at the brink of Burnout or already in the middle of it? Are you looking for help and an holistic way of healing Burnout? Would you like to improve your sleep, find the meaning and energy for living life again? This is a 6-weeks program laying the foundations to return back to inner Balance. 

This program includes 2 weekly 90 min. Sessions/ Video Calls with Claudia over the course of 6 weeks. 

This program will use your Chakra System to restore that Balance in your system and work energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. You will dive deep into why Burnout happened, and what is your personal inner driver. You will assess your belief system and lifestyle that cut your energy and replace new habits that suit you and fill you up with energy. The main goal is to recover and heal holistically - meaning on all four planes: emotionally, mentally, energetically and physically. Throughout these 6 weeks you will build strong foundations so a relapse is minimised. But you will not stop there. The driver number one for lasting health and happiness is to find meaning. This will be the beginning of finding that, that means and gives meaning to you.