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True Self Calling


Burnout is the sign for you to embark on your journey home to your true self ...

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It is time to start your journey...

“The best you can do for your mental, emotional, physical and energetic health is being who you truly are.”

What is Burnout?

The World Health Organization defines burnout as a syndrome that occurs as a result of chronic workplace stress, especially when this stress is not well managed. It is characterised by three main points: the person feels like their energy is depleted and they are exhausted, they experience negative feelings or cynicism about their job, and they feel unable to carry out the functions of that job effectively.

But burnout can cause a deeper, more internal crisis, often forming as a result of not living the truest version of yourself, of not living as the person who you truly are but hiding behind a mask. Constantly suppressing your true nature costs your body and mind a lot of energy. It causes our batteries to empty, our holistic system to disconnect, and our mind-body-soul dynamic to become out of sync.

Burnout is a sign that it is time to breakout of the societal conditioning you grew up with. You need to stop living for others and take your superpower back, which was taken from you when you were a child and every day since then.

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