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Spiritual Fitness

Fitness meets Spirituality

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It's time to embody who you truly are...

Having had most of my life a struggle with my body and weight I decided in 2016 to replace the self study of 10 years on the matter of fitness, weight loss and "correct" nutrition with proper education. I started with becoming a certified Personal Fitness Trainer with one of the most famous and leading institution in the US. I become a NASM (National American Sports Medicine) certified Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. Shortly after followed further training and a Diploma in Nutrition for Weight Management. Starting out as a Personal Trainer made me realize soon that most of the people struggling with weight have not really just a "eat to much or/and move too little" problem. The problem was always sitting deeper. I noticed that I was lacking the tools and the credentials to support people on that deeper level, therefore I continued and became a certified holistic life coach, a certified Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher,Qigong and TaiChi Student and developed a true passion for the spiritual discipline of working and healing with energy.  From the Quantum level to Soul Purpose. Continuing my studies on various topics to gain insights on the latest what science and spirituality have to say on lifestyle hacks such as Bio-hacking, sleep, plant-based nutrition and Spirituality (= embodying who you truly are).  Reason for merging these are: 

  • Noticing that many of my students and clients who found their passion are struggling not only with their energy but also with their weight and body image.

  • Any problem around the body leads to problems in other aspects of self, therefore it is important to align your soul purpose with your body and energy. 

  • Especially healers, spiritual teachers, coaches, artists and overall population are sitting way too much and don't get the energy from their body as they could to support their performance. 

  • It is not just about loosing weight or fitting a body image, its about leveling up your energy so your body is that high powering energy machine and not only supports you in your heart mission but provides you with lasting health. 

  • In order to work within the spiritual realm we need to be strongly rooted in our body. Our body - mainly our muscles - are energy conductor. The better the lifestyle, the more energy, the more successful and healthy you are. 

  • Being self-employed in no matter what realm you are working requires you to be able to hold up over a longer period of time high levels of energy. Including your body and lifestyle into your business will change things to new heights.

Can you relate? I noticed that only one discipline alone (fitness or spirituality) was not cutting it for me - nor for my peers in the industry, clients and/or students. But merging it was the GAMECHANGER. 

Do you want to change things up and be in control of your energy, body, nutrition and mission? 

Then maybe we should talk! :) Get in touch and book your free discovery call and let's see how we can collaborate to make THE CHANGE happen. 

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It always starts with a choice.
Which one is yours?

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Re-Connect 4-day retreat 7th - 11th September 2023
Early Bird price til 1st June 2023 - 682 EUR
Regular price after 1st June 2023 - 849 EUR
For payment in installments please reach out and we will provide you with further details.
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