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Wellness Coach
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Wellbeing & Energy

Shunmyo Masuno said it nicely when stating "being busy makes you lose heart". Stress and suppressing our true nature incl. the array of emotions we have, is what leads to Burnout, Depression and Mental Health struggles. Therefore, my intention is to support you in finding your own inner peace and be able to find your heart again. When we can volume down the outside noise we can find inner peace by returning step by step to our essence. When we arrive in our heart, all of a sudden we see clearly, we feel hope and find eventually joy again. Maybe with this alone we remember again what life truly is about - following joy - and remember who we truly are and what we truly want to be and do. Thank you for being here. 

Reiki Session

How it works? 

Get in touch!

Send me an email or arrange a free initial discovery call to get an understanding of your current situation. This can range from anything such as:

  • Feeling constantly tired and exhausted

  • Extreme Weight Gain

  • Feelings of Anxiety 

  • Feeling of Burnout or risk thereof

  • Depressive moods

  • Always feeling under tension and inability to unwind

  • Too much to handle and just not sure how to manage different types of stress

  • Struggle with your emotions and suppressing them instead of freely sharing them

  • Not sure who you are due to the billion demands you experience all around you ...

This allows me then to provide you as well with information on how I can best assist you further. Any questions you might have I encourage you to ask them straight away - don't be shy. :) 


Finding Peace

During a coaching session, which usually last between 60 - 90 min. we include various parasympathetic activating methods Gentle body movement in alignment with the breath, breath work, tapping, mini trance inducing sessions to access the subconscious mind.

We will use various tools depending on your situation. I am here to hold a space where I encourage you to not keep it together but to let go. This is a space and time where you matter the most. You can put down the mask of strength and control and allow yourself to finally be. Breathe!

The goal is to return home to your SELF and find all the answers to your questions within - when finally finding inner peace and that sweet spot of inner calm, rest and tranquility. 

Fragile Pampas

Understanding what is happening

The reason why we struggle with stress and overwhelm is manifold. When we look at stress it is mostly not just the obvious reason we are looking at. There are levels on a mental, emotional and physical plane. 

Sometimes we cope with stress through self-sabotaging behavior - especially when we suppress our emotions and parts of us we feel ashamed of.  Classic ways of self-sabotage are among others:

  • overeating, stress eating, emotional eating

  • smoking although you do not want to 

  • drinking alcohol

  • compulsive shopping 

  • emotional outbreaks 

Sometimes we understand the problem but our body works against us. Here we need to release stress from the nervous system and reset it. 

There is a solution to everything, but we can only change what we are aware of. 


What to expect?

What we do has an impact on your system. Do not be surprised when your life starts changing drastically.

After a coaching session please ensure to drink sufficient water  allow yourself time to process and reflect what we have discussed and worked through. It happens that mostly just a couple of days after new realizations emerge and ideas come up - just allow it all to happen. Like a lotus let your essence break through the mud. 

A lotus in a pond
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Book a Coaching Session

Initial Session online: 90 min. - 88 EUR/ 2,100 CZK
Follow up Session online: 60 min. - 65 EUR/ 1,600 CZK
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Let's think in energy!

Everything is energy. Every living and non-living being consists of energy. Training and studying in the Eastern Traditions of Yoga, Qi Gong, Reiki and Taoism while exploring ancient traditions such as Shamanism and modern Energy Medicine - for me it became a super simple equation: 

That what gives us energy minus That what takes energy from us decides over our state of wellbeing. If we constantly deny ourselves the foods, the people, the experiences and the things that make us feel the most alive, then trust the message we are sending home to ourselves is very clear.  Our energy is our biggest currency we have. This is why I work with energy in order to help you to restore balance and finding that inner peace within while returning to your heart again.

Distant Reiki Session

Energy Approach benefit 

Returning to your Nature

Different ancient teachings all speak about the same thing when it comes to finding inner peace and returning to wholeness. It is journeying through your energy system to embody your essence with your humanness. Returning home to your nature -  acknowledging your cyclic nature and human imperfections that make you essentially you. There is a reason why when we are in nature we automatically find peace and reduced levels of stress. Unfortunately, many of us lost touch with ourselves given continuous technological advancements and stresses in life. We barely find a moment for ourselves without distractions. Let's find stillness and return to our breathe. Dial down the outside noise to find inner peace. Something magical will happen in that space there - within you. 

During my coaching sessions I always encourage my clients to find the things that make them feel most alive and then experience them. Finding your individual mindfulness tools is key to maintain a healthy mind, soul and body and helps with not losing heart in everyday life!

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Activating your Heart Intelligence

Remembering what fills you up with joy, what makes you feel the most alive is what this space of inner peace will allow you to explore. Using techniques to align your energy with your heart will create harmony and balance. Maybe this is something that you have forgotten how it feels like. Then it is time to remember. Find what is truly going on in your life.


Your personal truth of who you truly are and what life you truly want to live are within you. Gift yourself the moment of truth and have a look at your life areas. Where did you give your personal power away? Where are you just functioning as on autopilot? How well to you take care of your needs and body? What does success mean to you? How do you live joy?


This coaching will bring you always back in touch with your heart to find the answers within. Your heart has a 5,000 times stronger electromagnetic field than your brain. Your heart knows so much more than you think it does. Nobody can tell you what you desire or need to do, besides yourself. The answer lies there where the noise has no power.

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

"I have no other choice. I was born to do this."

About my Approach

I combine various tools from mindfulness training, life coaching, yoga philosophy, qigong, neuroscience, fitness training and energy medicine. I love to think in chakras and use chakra psychology while using the body to heal and reset your nervous system. You might know already your thoughts decide over your feelings, and your feelings over your decisions and choices which then leads to the experiences you eventually make. This alone reinforces your believes you have about yourself and ultimately how you live your life. 

However, I am equally persuaded that just working on the mental plain is not enough. As Gabor Mate wrote a whole book about it, The Body keeps the Score. Your Body remembers, the pain, the shame and so much more. In order to release the emotional load I find merging energy medicine with Neuro-physiology to create wonders. Releasing tension and stuck emotions while resetting the nervous system, brings not only deep cell healing but also creates the space for lasting change. And this is where you can come to realize that you have the power over your life. You had it within you all along - just maybe you forgot about it and now is the time to remember and take charge of it NOW. 

Healing yoga

"Burnout shattered me into a thousand pieces. Chronic stress impacted my health on all levels. Finding that inner peace allowed me to find myself and reconnect - maybe for the first time ever my body with my mind, soul and energy. I am whole." 

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