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Heal with me

Energy Healing

Energy Healing
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Reiki Session

Reiki helps us to feel connected with ourselves again and leads to healing – a natural capability we all have. It works to dissolve energetic and emotional blockages, encouraging a divine meeting with the True Self. As it stimulates the body to heal it can trigger the release of stored emotions which can lead to being more open to the natural flow of life, better relationships, and the energy to take inspired action. A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience and often creates a space of peace where inner wisdom can be heard. 

Reiki Session

Common Questions about Reiki Sessions

What does it do?

This gentle yet powerful method of energetic healing creates deep relaxation and increases the vibrational frequency of the body. It works on the quantum level to harmonise mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies creating a sense of profound peace and harmony. Some of the many benefits are deep relaxation, anxiety and stress relief, mental clarity, emotional healing, spiritual growth, and intuitive development. 

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What is it?

Reiki refers to both the energy itself and the system of healing developed by a Buddhist man in Japan. Reiki translates to – 霊 Rei “spirit, soul” and 気 Ki for “energy” or “life force” (as in Chi or Prana) - a common translation is “universal life force energy.” We are all energetic beings. Energy gives life. Reiki is pure Source energy - available to all of us and connecting us with our higher self and essence.

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Is this for me?

Reiki is for everyone and everything! It is suitable for adults, children, babies, plants, animals. My clients range from those seeking relief from anxiety and depression, needing a break from their daily stresses, or are on the brink of burnout, to people that want support for physical and spiritual healing. This intelligent energy restores harmony on all levels. It is a powerful complimentary therapy for anything that feels out of balance.

Reiki Therapy

What happens during a session?

When you arrive, we’ll have a brief chat about what you’re seeking, and what areas of your life you’d like to work on. Remaining fully clothed, you’ll lay on my treatment table and simply relax. If we do this remote via Zoom you can lie on your sofa or bed. I’ll help you settle in with a brief guided meditation or breath work if that seems appropriate, and then I’ll begin your Reiki treatment. During this time you might feel tingling or waves of energy. Some people experience flashes of light or receive insights from beyond. Once the session is complete I will gently bring you back to the NOW, and we can share feedback with each other. I'll be tuning into your energy field during the session - weather remote or in person. This allows me to conduct a energy reading which allows me to share anything that may support your healing journey in our discussion afterwards.

Reiki Treatment
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Book a Reiki Session

Reiki Session & Energy Coaching: 120 min.- 122 EUR/ 2900 CZK
Standard Reiki Session : 60 min. - 77 EUR/ 1800 CZK
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Express Distant Reiki Session

Distant Reiki is proven to be just as effective as in person hands-on healing. This express 30 minutes treatment is perfect if you had already some experience with Reiki sessions and usually does not include any further reading. You can choose between a daytime session or an evening healing session.

Distant Reiki Session

What to expect during a Express Distant Reiki Session

About daytime sessions:

This is a great way to relax and find back to your centre point during the day. We agree on the time and 5 min. prior I will text you to get ready into a relaxed state before sharing a reiki healing with you over distance. This is a process that last around 30 minutes.


About evening sessions:

Evening sessions are great especially when booked near bedtime. As that is the time where you literally can let go off any residue of the day – emotional, energetic as well as mental. It is a great time for people who would like to improve their quality of sleep, struggle with sleep overall or stress. You will attune to your deeper self and receive deeply healing transmissions. To minimise screen time you will receive a text message prior to the session and at the end of the session. Don’t worry any questions you might have will be answered prior to your healing session.

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Book a Express Distant Reiki Session

Half hour - 50 EUR

Chakra Reading and Alignment

Bringing your Chakras - your energy centres - in balance allows us to become the best version of yourself. Becoming aware of any blockages in your energy system, and getting an extensive report on the current status of your chakras including interventions tailored to you will support your healing journey to the best version of yourself. Let go of blockages and step into your power. This is a great tool to work on yourself and get the guidance you need so you know where to start. I will conduct your chakra reading of roughly one hour. This reading will assess your energy system, and while connecting to spirit ask for any information that you need to know at this moment in time for your healing journey.  You can provide me also with specific questions I can ask your spirit guides to provide you answers with. You will then get a personalized extensive report on the status and interventions, activities, coaching input for you to work through to restore balance where needed. A guide to empower you on your way to your true self.

Included is a distant healing and chakra alignment session. After your chakra reading you will receive your report within the next 72 hours. After receiving your report you can jump on a call with me to discuss it and answer any questions you might have free of charge. Both the reading and the alignment can take place in person or distant.

Healing yoga

Book your Chakra Reading Session

Chakra Reading and Alignment - 222 EUR
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Letter from Spirit

As a medium and intuitive I am working with the spirit world, angels, and the divine to support clients in coming into their essence, promote healing and balance within. In this case I connect with the universal energy field and be your channel writer. I'm your journalist from the cosmos, so to speak, and pass on all information to you that could be important to you at the moment and present itself to me. I also look at your development potential and strengths. A letter from Spirit is like a greeting, a personal, individual message from the source addressed to you - it can support you, affirm you, give you orientation, inspire you, but also shake you up and confront you lovingly with yourself. It reads directly, but you will also find hidden clues between the lines.


The letter from Spirit is always a special surprise that touches and moves.

A wonderful gift for yourself or for a loved one.


The letter usually ranges from 1 to 3 full pages. 

You can also request a letter regarding a particular topic if you wish, just email me after the booking to align. Please provide your full name, or the name of the person the letter is for with the booking. 


Please allow up 72h from the time of booking for the letter to be written and send across to you. 

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Book your personal Letter from Spirit

1 Letter (1-3 pages) - 99 EUR
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