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Learn with us from anywhere in the World!

Our online training and workshops shall give you the opportunity to learn with and from us from anywhere and anytime that suits you best. We intend to offer online courses and workshops that are safe for you to do by yourself and that educate and encourage self-responsible action, mind-shift change, healthy habits, tool and techniques for finding YOUR inner peace and balance. Further, it gives the opportunity to get to know us before you want to decide to work with us 1on1. 

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A plant-based lifestyle has not only the potential to keep you healthy, but to restore health and energy while contributing to animal rights and a better planet. 

Plant-based Nutrition & Lifestyle

Get an introduction to following a plant-based diet and learn how to shop and where to find the best options. We can also support you also with a free of charge kitchen/pantry check. Learn how to avoid and reduce to a maximum chemicals, additives and toxins in your food, water and care products. 

You will receive lists, and assistance in navigating yourself through the tons of information available on the web and in the shops. 

Plant-based food can be super yummy don't worry it does not mean you are not allowed to treat yourself anymore to your plant-based ice cream - you will learn how to built a healthy relationship with food and your body. 

We want to shift your perspective and develop a compassionate approach with yourself and the way you eat and live.

You will establish healthy habits and get a daily tracker with it. Accountability was never easier.


Movement and Activity

It is not just about the 2-3 training sessions a week, but rather about falling in love with moving your body and muscles. Using strength training to build inner strength. Using HIIT training to release anger and frustration, or steady cardio to ground yourself after a busy day. Sometimes you will hear us say the best cardio will be to go for a long walk. Exercise does not mean go out there and kill yourself but find enjoyment in the movement. It is not just your body who is training it is your mind and spirit too. 

Depending on your goals you can have a dedicate full training plan including your favorite sports and the individual training sessions with your trainer or even solo by yourself - if you choose last option then this means you receive a training plan from us and you train by yourself. Although that is an option we always recommend a few in-person training sessions in the beginning at least to ensure proper form and reduce chances of injury. 

However, we stress that best results are always obtained by training with your trainer - may it be online or in-person.

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Book your Personal Training Sessions

individual 1on1 session 75 min. - 50 EUR/ 1,300 CZK
3 Months full support - 1,999 EUR/ 48,888 CZK
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