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Heal with me

Finding your Essence 

Reiki Session

TrueSelf Experience, Deeper Self-Healing & Reiki Level 1

Your purpose is your life force. Your weirdness is your superpower. Start living it.

This is a special training. A training that enables you to use Reiki for self-healing and on friends and family. However, more than anything else it is a TrueSelf Experience, dedicated to your personal healing and TrueSelf activation. This is a  8 hours training (split into two 4 hour sessions). This TrueSelf Experience is dedicated to connecting with your true nature and inner wisdom, while shaking your conditioned layers. It combines various healing modalities we will use and providing you with a complete Reiki Level 1 content and attunement. This includes an extensive manuscript, and internationally recognized Reiki Level 1 certificate.  

What will this Experience and Training do for you? 

This training will assist you in opening your heart and release any energetic blockages that are preventing you to step into your most authentic self. This will be supported by releasing your energetic HeartWall towards your TrueSelf and Self-Healing. We all have HeartWalls - it is like an energetic protection of our energetic heart which is needed at times to heal and recover. Unfortunately, most of us feel the need to keep this protective HeartWall way pass the heart healing. Which leads then to distortion in receiving and sending out energy. Which prevents us from true (love) relationships, abundance, success, health and manifestation. We will release this HeartWall and allow you to attract exactly what your Heart desires. Further, this personal training will: 

  • Provide you with a classic Reiki Level 1 Healer training 

  • Is a intuitive training to establish your heart-connection in order to accessing the only truth there is - within you yourself - whenever you need 

  • Intense Shadow and forgiveness Work 

  • Identifying your current identity loop and stories and initiate transformation 

  • Provides you with information on your energy body and chakra system

  • Takes you on a journey to your TrueSelf with healing meditations, and introspection.


What will you learn? 
  • What "healing" means define for yourself what living your true self means

  • introduction to the human energy field 

  • what Reiki is, its history, how it was discovered and how it came to the West

  • what and where the chakras are and how to work with them

  • assess and balance your own chakra system

  • sensing the different chakras and using the Reiki Chakra Balancing Technique

  • the foundations and guidelines for Energy Healing

  • insights into the nature of disease, why people get ill and how they can heal

  • techniques for aura cleansing, grounding and connecting

  • what a Reiki attunement is and what it does

  • lifestyle basics when working with energy

  • the hand positions for giving others a Reiki treatment and for self-healing

  • the structure of a healing session, how to prepare the space, yourself and the receiver

  • how to use Reiki for healing pets, growing plants and energising your food

  • an introduction to “Byosen” and “Byosen Reikan Ho” (energy scanning technique)

  • the Five Reiki Principles 

  • the benefits of Reiki and how it complements other therapies.

Special attention to the TrueSelf Experience will cover additionally: 

  • Exploring your TrueSelf and connect you to your most authentic version of self in order to identify your mission in this lifetime.

  • Shift energy and elevating your energetic signature. 

  • Personal Channeled information on your major healing blockage and your kryptonite including how you can work with this info to support your personal hero's journey and step even further into your essence. 

This training is tailored to your personal healing, and will be filled with reflective questions. 

If you hear the call, get in touch to connect and book your personal transformation with me! ❤️ 


"Your Reiki power is like an aura, it’s a glow, that you are radiating out… no darkness can penetrate you."
- Hawayo Takata

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Book your TrueSelf Experience incl. Reiki Level 1

Training can be online or offline

2 x half days - 222 EUR

You hear the call but are financially not able to take action, then please reach out. I am offering ways to make this heart business accessible to everyone - knowing that sometimes finances are exactly that problem that keeps us stuck. Let that not stop you in stepping into your essence.  

Distant Reiki Session
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