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Soul-led Workshops

that transform and empower

Current times are unfortunately not necessarily supporting the mental health of your employees. I was once part of an exhausted workforce and maybe its that experience that makes me so passionate about delivering solutions, handy tools and workshops that not only inspire but also allow for practical action steps and actual transformation. How often are you hosting workshops with zero effect on the individual? I believe theory is super great, but maybe we need more practical orientated workshops that really touch people and give space to process and openly discuss what moves your employees. 

I specialized in delivering workshops that are focusing on mental health and well being. These can range from very specific topics over to more broad kept topics depending on your business needs. They can be tailored to specific teams, manager groups or your overall workforce. An overview of topics I am passionate about and happy to cover are: 

  • Well being 

  • Raising your Energy Levels

  • Burnout Prevention and holistic recovery

  • Understanding and Managing Stress the Mindful Way

  • Emotional well being

  • Empowering to being YOURself

  • Leading with EI 

Workshops usually range from 60 - 90 min. They can be delivered online and in person. If you would like to make it longer workshops can be tailored to go even deeper into the matter and range from half days to a full day workshop. Please get in touch for a quote and further details or to discuss how we can collaborate for the health and energy of your employees and company. 

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There is more to life - make your work mean something.

My Mission

To support managers to lead with heart. Times are changing and the tough goal oriented approach does no longer hold for your employees to perform up to the best of their abilities. Most of the people who are leaving the workplace today are leaving because of their direct managers. Maybe it is time to support your managers to not just manage but lead. Lead by example and allow your employees to thrive so your business can flourish. 

To support and bring value to your employees. I know first-hand what it means to feel overworked and left alone with it. It is my mission to provide handy tools and ways for each individual in a workshop setting to be able to help themselves and find that confidence to bring their best out at work and in life overall. Work-life-balance is not just a myth. It is your birthright. 

My mission is to bring people back in touch with their energy and empower self-responsible living

"True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others up."
- Sheri L Dew

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