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Sacred YOU

Aligning your Soul & Energy

Sound Healing
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It's time to make space for YOU...

Find sources and tools for free that align your Soul Purpose with your Heart Call and Energy. Or join my workshops and transformational and deeply healing retreats to align, learn more about yourself and experience yourself in new ways. Your Energy is the most valuable resource you have at your disposal in order to create your dreams and visions. Your Energy is key to live your life and enjoy all aspects of being human and keeping you healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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Connect with your Heart

A little practical workbook how to tune into the wisdom of your heart.  Download for free and dive straight in. 

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Retreats are dedicated YOU time. All my retreats are aimed to connect you with your energy and tap into what is really YOU. So you can find your purpose and courage to live self-responsible and in alignment with who you are at essence.

a Healing Retreat

7th - 11th September 2023, Krasna Lipa, CZ

Are you ready to re-connect with YOUR true nature, feel YOUR body and recharge YOUR energy while spending time away from distraction? Join us in this long weekend and magical healing retreat. Allow yourself to PAUSE and tune into an experience for your senses. A time dedicated to YOU. It is time to find harmony again while releasing and letting go of whatever is holding you back. 

Exploring Nature

Are you feeling like you lost touch with yourself? 

You don't remember anymore what actually excites you or you just seem to never find time for it?

Do you feel like you have become a slave to your work and think this "work-life-balance" is actually just a myth? 

Are overwhelm, low trigger threshold, emotional imbalance, anxiety or chronic tension your daily companions?

If this is you, maybe this retreat is your place to be. Press the "pause" button for 4 days and return back home to your inner self and find clarity on what you truly want, while releasing tension and restoring your energy balance. Disconnect from the world and re-connect with nature and YOUR true nature. 

What to expect - a rough outline

7th September - Thursday "Arriving in nature - time to pause"

  • Arrival at 3pm at the Bohemian Cottage in Krasna Lipa, Czech Republic

  • Settling into your room (rooms are shared between 2 people) - if you are joining with your bestie or partner we can ensure you are in the same room together :) 

  • Welcome evening get together and opening "Welcoming YOU"

  • Dinner

  • Relaxation practice before sleep for your senses

8th September - Friday "Letting go and Rediscovering YOU"

  • Gentle Morning Body Movement and Breath work 

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop 

  • Nature Practice

  • Lunch 

  • Dedicated YOU time and usage of facilities (Sauna, Jacuzzi, sun-bathing, nature walking)

  • Dinner and get together

  • Evening healing space and deep relaxation practice

9th September - Saturday "Re-Connect with Nature, deep self healing and finding harmony within"

  • Half-day reconnecting with nature in Bohemian Switzerland (tbc - pending on weather)

  • Afternoon dedicated energy healing, emotional release and harmony for body, mind and soul

  • Group Dinner Cooking

10th September - Sunday "Time to be YOU, align your Energy with your Heart"

  • Gentle Morning Body Movement

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop 

  • Lunch 

  • Dedicated YOU time and finding stillness

  • Healing meditation 

  • Dinner

  • Evening Surprise and get together 

11th September - Monday 

  • Gentle Morning Body Movement and Intention setting

  • Breakfast 

  • Farewell and leaving by 11am

"It is time to remember again, what it means to be you and pause to find that treasure that you are within."
- Claudia  

What is included in this retreat? Let's sum it up!

Included in the price are:

  • 4 night stay at the Bohemian Cottage in the Czech Republic

  • Vegetarian/vegan food and treats

  • Unlimited water and tea 

  • Equipment that we use like yoga mats, sitting pillows 

  • Guide for our Saturday half-day hike in the Bohemian Switzerland 

  • Material for your self-reflection and relaxation 

  • Usage of the Cottage's natural pond, sauna and relaxation zone

Are you joining as a couple? 

For a special experience and treat there is one special option - instead of having your shared room in one of the flats of the Bohemian Cottage you can book your little Botanical Cottage that is next to the main house located. 

First come, first serve - please send us and email after booking that you would like to reserve this cottage for you! :) 

There is no added extra cost if you wish to reserve this accommodation during your stay. Once it is no longer available, we will remove the option. 

Green Leaves

Book your spot!

Re-Connect 4-day retreat 7th - 11th September 2023
Early Bird price til 1st June 2023 - 682 EUR
Regular price after 1st June 2023 - 849 EUR
For payment in installments please reach out and we will provide you with further details.
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