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Collaborating with Spirit

Feeling drawn to the world of magick and energy healing since I was  a teenager I always was keen on learning more about our energy system, lifestyle for maximum health and energy and the spiritual realm of collaborating with Spirit and Energies. What started out as a hobby in young age developed into my specialty. When I trained in the energy healing arts my psychic senses became fully activated and my ability to receive messages from the Otherworld, as well as reading the energy signature of other people, rooms, places, things became my new normal reality. It is my utmost honor to support you on your personal journey of healing and reconnection to your essence through Healing Energy Transmissions. May you rise, and rise and rise ...

Reiki Session

Trance Healing

What is Trance Healing?

Trance Healing is a transmission of universal healing energy through me as a medium to you with the impulse to boost your self-healing powers and emotional stability and to achieve an improvement in your well-being. 

It is a loving collaboration with Spirit and the Universal Intelligence to restore your blueprint of healing within your system. It brings you balance, inner peace and promotes self-responsible living. 

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Who is it for?

The transmission is possible both remotely and locally, the intensity and effect remain the same. Trance healing is suitable for all ages (babies, children, adults) and also for animals.

The energetic impulses are transmitted directly to you. The aim of the energy transfer is to boost your self-healing powers, achieve an increase in your well-being, support breakthroughs, anchor new insights and also receive constructive impulses.

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When to use?

You can use it almost anytime, there are no special requirements. If you are feeling drained of energy and at a loss, have tried everything you can think of and feel that you are getting nowhere with your issue, then trance healing is an option.  But even if there are no words at the moment or there is too much confusion or unbridled chaos in your personal situation - or you need new impulses for your issue on another level - you can consider it. The energetic impulses from this healing will set your muddled situation in motion and can initiate a clearer alignment. It is an energy transmission tool from the universal source, where I make myself available as a channel for the energy that has been customized for you. A trance healing works "for itself", with you, through me and very lovingly.


How is the session set up?

During the session, the energy transfer to you takes place, as well as a subsequent, in-depth conversation. In this exchange, you have space to share your situation with me in greater depth. I will give you further impulses and additional useful information and also messages that I have received for you from the spiritual world, if you wish. If you wish, I can give you additional tips so that you can continue to influence and change your situation in a favourable way on your own authority.


Feel free to contact me, I am here for you!

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Remote Trance Healing Session

30 min Healing Transmission + 60 min. Call - 150 EUR
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Higher Self Healing

Higher Self Healing is a wonderful connection with Universal Intelligence and your Higher Self to promote healing and wisdom shared for your highest good. The wisdom shared is not always just easy guidance rather than needed guidance in order to open your heart and step into your potential. My training in mediumship and several energy healing modalities allowed me to become a strong vessel for energy transmission over the last five years. Trusting my intuition and the information I receive allows me to support my clients in the most sensitive and supporting way possible. 

Distant Reiki Session

Higher Self Healing

What is the difference to Trance Healing?

In a Higher Self Healing, the energy is much denser than in a Trance Healing.  I always use it when it comes to dissolving deep entanglements that are more difficult to resolve and lie very deeply hidden. Or also when all the other methods you have already tried have not brought about sufficient change for you. Questions and answers can also be illuminated again from a different, clearer perspective. Higher Self Healing is often used in cases of intense distress.


Just like in a trance healing, I transfer the energy of the Higher Self to you.  The difference is a higher, stronger, more all-encompassing frequency. Whether on site or at a distance, the impulses have the same intensity. The connection sets more intense, energetic impulses in motion and touches you more deeply.


Receive Spiritual Guidance

During a Higher Self Healing it is possible to include next to the healing energy transmission the possibility to ask Spirit questions you urgently seek answers to. This can be related to your current life situation, your health, relationship or general guidance you seek at the moment. 

Being a Medium for healing energy I can ask the Higher Self and your Soul questions to support you on your journey. When booking this healing transmission be sure to provide up to 3 questions you would like to receive further information or guidance on and I will provide you the received information via email back. 

The information you receive are always for your highest good and might trigger further spontaneous healing and awareness of self. After this healing is also a 60 minutes call included to discuss your experience and the information received.

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Remote Higher Self Healing Session

30 min Healing Transmission + 60 min Call - 200 EUR

Client Love

"Morning! In South Africa you would be called a Sangoma lady! A healing lady! I start to believe in magic because you are magic! I slept only 6 hours but I slept so peaceful and feel far less tired. My breathing is also so much easier. The heaviness just gone. You are truly gifted! Thanks a million dear Claudia!"

Valerie, Freelance Translator

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