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Limitless Heart

Personal Mentoring

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It's time to embody who you truly are...

Maybe you made your heart to be your servant long enough. Imprisoned it and set rules on what is possible and what not. Maybe it is time to be the servant of your heart and allow your heart and spirit to guide you on your way to success, abundance, love, fitness and all you desire. Maybe the time is now to release any limits from your body consciousness, your energy system and nervous system so you can finally live your potential and live a life with your heart wide open. A life in congruence with who you truly are. 

Maybe it's time to plant your Soul into your whole being - which is your body. 


Why this Limitless Heart mentoring was designed
  • Noticing that many of my students and clients who found their passion are struggling not only with their energy but also with their weight or image of self. We need a holistic approach that not only includes the mind but all other planes of existence.

  • The common thread of my clients and students is a closed heart. Protective guard up and not allowing life to touch them anymore out of fear of getting hurt, rejected and disappointed. It is time to release the protection and allow your heart to unleash its super power, so life can touch you again and supports you on your journey.

  • Any problem around the body or perception of self leads to problems in other aspects of your life incl. sexuality, success, finances, career, relationships, health etc. Therefore, it is important to align your soul purpose with your body and energy. 

  • Especially healers, spiritual teachers, coaches, artists and overall population are sitting way too much and don't get the energy from their body as they could to support their performance and success. Including your body and healthy lifestyle in the healing and transformation process is a key element for success.

  • More energy does not come from meditation, it comes from the use of our most spiritual part: our body however if the nervous system is no longer cooperating it will be difficult to reach your goals. Including releasing and restorative practices into your lifestyle will be a game changer. 

  • The chronic stress levels we are experiencing including traumatic experiences are stored not only in the mind but also in our body, energy and nervous system - therefore it is crucial to initiate a reset to set more energy and healing free.

  • In order to work within the spiritual realm we need to be strongly rooted in our body. Our body - mainly our muscles - are energy conductor. The better the lifestyle, the more energy, the more successful and healthy you are. 

Do you want to change things up and be in control of your energy, body, mind and mission? 

Then maybe we should talk! :) Get in touch and book your free discovery call and let's see how we can collaborate to make THE CHANGE happen. 

It always starts with a choice. Which one is yours?

YOU are the most spiritual thing out there!

Step 1: Awareness

You are struggling with a particular life area or with yourself. It can be literally anything from weight loss over to starting your business and following you heart calling. Maybe you are too scared to follow your desires or feel like no matter what you do it just never turns out as the way you envisioned and wonder how you will ever turn things for yourself around? Then this is the first step to know that you are not alone and there is help for you available. 

Step 2: Let's get clear on your situation

After an initial free discovery call you will receive your Limitless-Questionnaire. Its an assessment of your current situation. I will use various tools to support and assess your needs and requirements. Based on your responses I will be able to outline what is going to help you, in what format and how long it might take. Energetic Fitness, Soul Mission, Embodiment are super individual - just as you are. And it is important for me and for you to be clear on what to expect before getting onto this transformational journey. Up until here you can still decide if you want to do this - no strings, no commitment yet. 

Step 3: Embody your Soul - On-boarding Call

This is the big step. Here we agree on your weekly calls. Agreement is signed. Payment maid. Committed to become Limitless 100%. With it comes a habit tracker and we will ensure you have daily soul time scheduled in so you embody it daily and show up to it without fail. We are working on habits that last a lifetime incl. healing sessions and coaching calls to ignite your limitless fire. 

Step 4: You fly off to different spheres

After six weeks we reach that end destination where you will be a woman in her power. You will be that wild, wise woman - embodying her wild, untamed and true nature. And that is where your true journey will take off. Knowing you can always reach out along your way whenever you need a helping hand. Besides you will now have gathered tools that will support you whenever needed. You are embodying your essence and you are indeed limitless. The time has come ... 

It is not just about a quick fix solution. It's about landing into your body and embodying who you truly are. The natural by-product will be that the war with your body and self will end.
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Book your Limitless Heart Mentoring

Limited spaces available. 

 Single Session of 90 min. - 65 EUR
 Multiple Sessions over 6 weeks online -  299 EUR 

You want to get started but are financially not able to take action, then please reach out. I am offering ways to make this Heart Mentoring accessible to everyone - knowing that sometimes finances are exactly that problem that keeps us stuck. Let that not stop you from embodying your essence.  

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