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Burnout is the suppression of who we truly are

What and who am I?

Do I really want to work for this company?

Is this still the right role for me or would I find more purpose in a different position with tasks that are more in line with my values?

What are my values? Do I live up to them?

Why can’t I set boundaries? Am I ruled by the fear of what others might think of me if I would show weakness?

Why do I value other opinions more than my own?

Am I truly happy in my relationship? Can I be who I truly am or am I constantly pretending so I am accepted and loved?

Do I do what I do because I truly want to or because I feel as I must do?

Questions over questions, but all serving one purpose: Triggering something within you to shake your system that might has become nothing else than a human being on autopilot. The autopilot that made you a successful suppressor. We are all masters in suppressing everything. Our emotions, our truth, our fears, our true desires, our playfulness, our essence. At the end of the day there is nothing left than a mask. A mask we wear in order to fit in and progress in this societal construct. At work. At home. In public. In private. But this is a dangerous game you can only play for so long. Then one day the chronic stress reaches our max, and our mask breaks.

Burnout. Arrived.

Your adrenal glands? Fatigued.

Your emotional system? Fried.

Your mental system? Offline.

Your physical system? Crashed.

Your cells? No longer communicating as they should.

Your reactions? Gone numb.

Who are you? You do not know.

What happened? You do not remember.

The darkness got you.

"There will be one day that you will and you must follow your heart and self-expression. Burnout will occur and come back again until you step into your light." - Claudia

But this is just the true beginning. The true beginning for you to start a healing journey to the version of you, that you truly are without any mask. Without any suppression. Without pretending and lying to yourself. You got burned for a reason. Because it was time to take responsibility and charge for your health, your happiness, your truth. It is time for you to look within to all the places you were hiding, suppressing and start spring cleaning your system. Finding out who you truly are, and transforming your limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

Finding out what you truly desire in life, and start creating the path that leads you to true joy, lasting health, and happiness.

Starting the most beautiful and honest relationship with yourself.

Healing holistically with the help of your chakra system.

Burnout - True Self Calling

Burnout - True Self Calling is a book I wrote based on my own healing journey but also based on a holistic approach. This is a holistic guide touching on spiritual principles from Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and other Eastern philosophies. At the same time it provides a highly pragmatic and down to earth approach to healing including psychological and science-based principles.

About me

I am a mindfulness and well-being expert, yoga and reiki teacher.

After recovering from burnout and finding myself confronted with the damage from chronic stress I became passionate about living a life in balance - the mindful way based on yogic principles. Further, I became addicted to the principles of energetic healing and holistic health - the mind-body-soul connection for lasting well-being and reversing ill-health. All lead me to support individuals out of their suffering and into living a life of happiness and health. Promoting lifestyle choices, altering perception for a more compassionate and mindful living and empowering them to be their own coach.

Burnout prevention and fighting the worldwide chronic stress cycles and its associated illnesses became my mission and purpose. I dedicate my life to be the change I want to see in this world and thus make the change on a personal level and within the business environment. Supporting not only individuals but also businesses in revolutionizing their workplace to be a healthy and happy place not one of promoting illness.

More about my book: BURNOUT - True Self Calling

Buying options:

And many more online stores worldwide.

It is time to come home to who you truly are.

With love,


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