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How to level up your energy?

Updated: Feb 6

Embodying your Essence requires action for energy elevation on all levels - you are human that means you are first and foremost an energetic being. However, it is not only about embodying your essence what requires energy. Mostly, people are so tired and fatigued and bored of life. Low energy. Not able to see nor hold a vision for long. Or so drained from stress and worrying thoughts that the physical body has to deal with the consequence of low energy and illness. Let's have a look at the basics on how to level up your energy and what you can do for your energy on a daily basis:

  • Exercise: Move your body, strengthen your muscles. Muscles are our greatest energy conductors in the body. Besides that they support our posture and overall health.

  • Eat vibrant, nourishing foods and eat less frequent. What you put in decides over your health and well-being. How much we put in decides over how much energy we have available. If we snack constantly our body uses a lot of energy for digestion.

  • Play and Fun - allow yourself to do the things and spend time with the people who excite you and fill you with joy.

  • Adventure: add every now and then something you haven't done before into your activity schedule. Do something new? Embrace the unknown and feel the thrill you get from adding some adventure spice into your life. It shifts literally mountains and mood.

  • Mindfulness your way: Spend every day some time with your Heart and return inward. For example, meditation, walk in nature, just observing your pet, knitting ...

  • Rest: Allow yourself times of rest and recovery. We are cyclic beings we cannot bloom all year round.

  • Doing Good: Supporting the environment, saving animal lives or contributing to saving the planet or any other way that is in tune with your heart automatically lifts your energy. Doing good is in our nature, helping someone or supporting a cause gives us meaning. And meaning is a great energy source.

You have other lifestyle basics ideas to level up you energy? Please share and comment below.

Vibe high!


Movement for more energy
Dance to level up your energy

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