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The chance within crisis

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Nobody wants crisis. But do we sometimes need it? Maybe. Evolution never came from living an easy life. We need sometimes the breakup or the cheating and the hurt to know we deserve better in a relationship. We need sometimes the illness to realize that the lifestyle we live is not for our highest good. We need the crisis in order to evolve and change at times. If we would have learned that life is a construct of constant change from the beginning, and we would not fear going with the flow than we maybe would not need crisis as such. Letting go of constant control and safety-thinking would encourage us to be more adventurous, living more, listening into our heart and actually not even have to encounter so much crisis after all. Crisis comes when we want to control things. When we want a guarantee that something will never change. Safety first. Resistance to change. Which all have the source in the following: we don’t want to see something. Something that is boiling within us deep inside for a long while already. And because we decided to ignore it, it manifests now in our life as crisis. Maybe the relationship, the job, the lifestyle, the friend, the constant “yes”-saying and people pleasing, the constant living in fear of lacking something, the destructive belief of never being good enough but nevertheless trying to proof it to the outside world. Rather following the masses and what is expected than listening to your inner wisdom – the intelligence of your heart. Instead of listening inward you listen outward. Instead of choosing your decisions for yourself you let others make the decisions for you. You no longer live according to your terms but to those of others.

The solution?

Wake up to who you truly are. Your true self. Speak your truth. Listen in. You are a powerful being beyond measure, but you have forgotten how powerful you truly are. Wake up, wake up, wherever you are. The time has come to rise and be the star you truly are.

Today I would love to share with you a page from a book named “Light is the new black” by amazing Rebecca Campbell. A book that helped me in my darkest hours and I can only recommend. There is this one page that touched my heart like no other in a long time. And here it is, a simple message shared, no further words needed, besides thanks to the author for her amazing work and may this resonate with you…

"I pray that you hit rock bottom.

The most painful time of your life.

I pray that you feel alone. Isolated. Deserted.

That you discover that what you thought was rock bottom was actually a ledge

and you come crashing down even further.

And as you land, you are cracked open into a million – no – a billion pieces

with no idea how to put them back together.

I pray that while you are down there, at the depths.

The only person you have to keep you company, is you.

I pray that you choose to gather up the pieces.

And with no idea how and in what order, begin putting them back together one by one.

Just right.

I pray for foundations mightier than the acropolis.

And an inner light that shines so bright it burns

the corneas of anyone who cannot handle your bright.

I pray for skin as comfortable as a tracksuit on a Saturday night.

And an inner light so bright that you can always find your way home.

I pray for the triumph of your spirit.

And the return of you."

By Rebecca Campbell

In love and light,


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