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The Human Biofield stores our Experiences

Updated: May 12, 2023

"I believe that the human biofield is a diffuse electromagnetic medium (a bioplasma) that surrounds and interpenetrates the body and stores the record of our life experiences. What we call mind and memory are actually inside the electromagnetic field. The information of everything that we've ever experienced, and even what our ancestors experienced, is encoded in standing wave format in the body's electromagnetic field, with specific areas holding specific types of experiences." - Eileen Day McKusick

I love to look into merging science and spirituality. And the latest interesting learning I came across was to learn more about our energy system and the electric charge we are made of. We can just think of it as a car: the more PS (aka more electric charge) we have the more energy we create and have available. Meaning better performance, better health, more energy to create our dreams. However, the reason why most of us lack a high voltage of electric charge in the body is simply because of all our stored emotions, we didn't allow ourselves to feel fully and let go, or the painful experiences we had to go through in the past are still stored in our energy system (our human biofield). If not let go it can manifest in the physical body as pain and aches, inflammation or illness. But it doesn't have to get thus far, sometimes they stay in our energetic field (aura) and keep our energetic voltage low. Resulting us in feeling low energy, unwell, negative, and other rather not so pleasant feelings and thoughts that impact our overall wellbeing.

human biofield stores emotions

Another great explanation of this was made by Eckhart Tolle, who calls this the "pain body" in his book A New Earth. He says, "the remnants of pain left behind by every strong negative emotion that is not fully faced, accepted, and then let go of, join together to form an energy field that lives in the very cells of your body." Eileen Day McKusick, who is a pioneering researcher in the field of electric health and expert in healing and restoring the energy field back to balance through tuning forks conducted extensive research on this topic. She summarises this phenomenon in her book Electric Body, Electric Health as "the pain body consists of all the suffering and struggle you've been through and the imprint it has left on the way you see yourself and approach your life. When most people refer to themselves, are referring to their pain body. We identify ourselves with our wounds and create a wounded self-image."

Knowing this brings unlimited potential to our fingertips. It is not just enough to think things through and heal on a mental level but include the energetic aspects of ourselves into the healing process is crucial. By creating coherence in our energy field, which is nothing else than harmonizing our energy system and bringing it into a state of harmonic perfection, we are able to unlock so much more energy. We can unlock so much hidden potential that will allow us not only to heal but release all the heaviness that does not serve us and allows us to step into our power and energy to become "a better manifestor and a stronger player in the game of life."

There a different forms of energy harmonizing and healing modalities out there that can help with this such as Reiki Healing, Sound Bathing, Theta Healing, Tuning fork healing, qigong practices in combination with visualisation and others.

Let's charge up!

With love,


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