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What if...

What if we are not here to save the world.

What if we are not here to heal the world.

What if we are not meant to bring balance into this world.

What if this world has crossed a point?

What if balance was never the goal?

What if true healing of the Earth and humanity is never done through the ways we think it is?

What if true healing can only come through lighting that fire within YOURSELF?

What if all the causes we fight for, trigger just more of the causes we actually fight against?

What if instead of fighting against, we would start living for?

What if instead of being a warrior for others, we would start being a warrior for ourselves?

What if instead of taking the power to be there for others, we take our power to be there for ourselves?

What if the biggest mission to devote your life to is actually to live your life by being your everything?

What if we do that for real? We heal ourselves first fully. We fill ourselves up first fully. We shine our light brightest of them all first fully.

What if that is the one thing that will create healing, peace and balance in the world?

What if devoting your life to being YOU without exception every day, is the goal?

What if LIVING your life to the full extent, is the goal?

What if YOU, are the goal, the biggest mission there is to be?

With love, ✨


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