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What is Reiki?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Reiki is from Japanese origin and its meaning translates to “rei“ which means „universal“ and „ki“ which translates to “life force“. Reiki is universal life force. Universal life force is that energy that exists in all beings and things and is everywhere.

What does a Reiki Healer do?

An attuned Reiki healer is able to connect to universal life force in order to heal the energetic system of a person in person through his/her hands or through distance healing. By doing so, the Chakras (=energy centers in the body) are being balanced and restored, which in turn balances out the endocrine, the emotional system and physical body. The energy flows through your body where it is needed the most. This process of healing can take days or weeks until completion depending on the severity of the emotional blockage, physical ailment etc. After a Reiki session the energy keeps flowing through you and does its work. Therefore, Reiki sessions are usually given over a 4-day-period daily, each session lasting up 60 minutes. If the illness is severe, it is being given even longer until healed completely.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Thoughts and feelings that are perceived through a negative lens, as well as past traumas (emotional or physical) can leave blockages within the body, which can lead untreated to lasting problems of the heart, mind and body. Reiki can help solve those blockages that usually occur in the 7 bodily chakras as well as overall within our energy body. Commonly reported effects after receiving Reiki are:

  • Brings a sense of security, calm and beauty in the soul

  • Reduces patterns of doubt and stress

  • Awakens your true self

  • Stimulates your chakras and endocrine system which leads to improved physical, emotional and endocrine health

  • Reduced blood-pressure

  • Improved health by curing existing disease in the body

  • Opens the eye of the mind in order to perceive the world, the self, and others with clear sight

  • Increased sense of inner peace, mindfulness and awareness of the now

  • Connects you to earth and opens the angelic realm

  • Reduces anger, hate, distrust and other negative feelings

  • Dispels diseases like cancer, tumors, hormonal imbalances, chronic and acute illnesses

  • Brings to light thoughts, attitudes and histories of pain and fear

  • And so many more…

It is especially great to treat forms of mental health like burnout, depression, crisis of self and accompany severe bodily illnesses that are being treated by traditional medicine. Our life is getting busier and faster that not only our energy body but also our physical body and minds are constantly stressed and barely find some peace and rest to restore your own energy and find some calm. If you notice, you no longer have much control over your life, emotions or mind, it is a sign that a Reiki session might be just what you need. You not only receive the energy but also some coaching on that what you feel or the healer can sense from your energy system.

You have a question? Get in touch or leave a comment.

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