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What is the 'True Self'?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Hello you magnificent soul,

Our planet is in big transformation. Humanity is becoming more spiritual aware and more awakened to their true self. But what does that mean? The true self? What are people referring to when talking about the true self? Today's article focuses on elaborating what the true self really is and what we can do to become more aware of our selves.

The true self is the awakened version of you, connected to your heart and true essence. Being your true self, is loving yourself unconditionally. Taking care of yourself and your needs whenever needed. Knowing yourself and know what sparks your light. You live your life in accordance to your values and to your highest good and the highest good of all.

The closest version of true self is when you were a child. Remember when you didn’t bother if you would fall while climbing a tree? When you cried because you were hungry or throwing a tantrum because you were upset? Did you care about what people were thinking? Not really, did you? But then parents told us what to do, teachers, friends, society and we got caught up in this spinning wheel of fulfilling expectations. Of trying to please everyone but ourselves. Being there for others, giving our time and energy away in order to pursuit materialistic things, status, and living a life that is expected of us - believing this will bring us happiness. Without questioning, if this life we are living, is the one we truly want to live.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. You turned 30. Do you really want to be married, buy a house and have 2 kids NOW?

  2. You are having a well-paying job in a big corporation; everybody admires you because you seem to do so well. Nobody knows that this job is the cause of your depression and is making you sick. Why are you staying? What is keeping you from changing? Does it matter more what others would think of you? Or is it rather that you don't even remember and know what your heart truly desires?

  3. Believing that you are too young or too old to do something that would excite you. Really your own belief?

  4. Are you living to please others or to please yourself?

  5. You were told you are not good enough. Are we not being reminded of that fact each day? But why do you believe it?

"Depression is the suppression of your true self."

On the one hand spirituality is rising with the goal to awaken to our true self but on the other hand the opposite is raising, too. Depression is on the rise. Mental health is at risk since years. The destruction of our true essence is being accelerated by our current lifestyle, where the amount of likes and hearts decide about our self-worth. Where outside opinions are valued more than our own. What others belief we can is what we take as face value for what our true potential really is. We are at risk of losing ourselves completely.

How to break the cycle?

  • Spend more time with yourself.

  • Meditate.

  • Go for walks in nature.

  • Practice yoga.

  • Read a book like A new Earth by Eckart Tolle.

  • Question yourself!

  • Pause actively.

  • Do the things that spark your inner light. If you don’t know what that is then take the time to remember. What were the things you loved doing when a child or a teenager? If there is nothing, why not try something new? (My cousin started knitting and got so good at it she even started selling her own little collection – what’s stopping you?)

May this article spark your inner light to pause more often!


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