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True-Self Activation

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True-Self Activation

Heart - Soul - Qi Alignment

Your True Self – is the version of you that lives life in congruence with your heart’s desire. Most of us are being taught from a young age what we should believe about the world and ourselves, that our true potential is being buried from an early age on. However, the continuous suppression of our true nature is leading in the modern stress-led world to mental health illnesses such as anxiety disorder, depression, burnout, addiction and suffering. All forms of suppressing our true self. True-Self Activation is a form of Aligning your Heart with your Soul and Energy. 

Remembering who you are before the world told you who to be - is a journey that will lead you to the most powerful and authentic version of yourself. Aligning your soul with your most authentic self. Being and living your true self is what you are meant to do. Our heart's wisdom is vital for us to heal and come into our essence. Unfortunately, we have learned too well how to listen to our mind but not to our heart. It is time to change that and become an expression of our heart. TrueSelf Activation allows to reconnect with your essence, train your intuition and receive the information valuable to heal, align, restore and empower yourself to live the life in accordance with your heart's desire and soul purpose. It is time to unfold your full potential. Depending where you are at on your journey, I will meet you there and will guide you in collaboration with your heart and spirit guides to bring out your soul gifts in order to unfold your personal power and live a life in alignment with who you truly are - being healthy, happy, giving yourself and life meaning, allowing yourself to live in abundance and love and share your unique light with the world. There was no better time than now. 

Green Leaves

Maybe it is time to remember who you are. Unlearn what this world programmed in you. Unbecome everything, in order to rise into that Sacred YOU, you are meant to be.

This personal transformation uses special forces:

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Step 1: Ignite your Healing Fire

Methods of Energy Healing, Coaching and Psychology allow to clear away traumatic and karmic imprints, realising the energetic load of the past and letting go of parts of your identity that block you and no longer serve you. This part serves awareness, releasing and healing. Methods included are: 

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • De-Linking

  • Past and Karmic Release 

  • Chakra Reading 

  • Trance Sessions for deeper healing

Step 2: Awaken your Heart Intelligence

The next step is a deep dive into any limiting beliefs and transforming them to serve you on stepping into your heart's mission. Here we use a process called "HeartCall" which is a direct confrontation with your potential and deeper heart healing. We will journey through the chakras to align your energy system more and more with your heart's call. Another level of  heart healing involves intensive shadow work and self-acceptance. We will also deep dive into the power of your inner wisdom and intuition, so you are able to access your inner wisdom anytime you need. Trance healing sessions will give you the opportunity to establish a connection with your heart and get valuable information for your highest good and next steps on your journey. 

Step 3: Releasing your unbound Soul 

Once we worked on the seat of our Soul - the heart, we are able to establish a safe connection with your Soul. Gaining wisdom and insights for your highest good on your personal hero's journey. We will tune into the Akashic Records and connect with your essence to activate your DNA potential and integrate all the resources you need to live your light and share it with the world. You will learn how will be able to connect with your higher self and Soul independently. This step will be crucial on your journey as it supports living your new identity and makes your Soul the only authority of your life. Your Soul wants to live and make the most amazing experiences on Earth. It is time to release your unbound Soul from the prison your old programming hold her hostage. 

Step 4: Aligning your Energy 

Once you step into your light, you need to be able to hold and direct your energy to serve you the best way possible. Here we upgrade your energy in your chakras and build the strong energetic roots that you need for your mission on earth. Ensuring all your life areas are aligned with your thoughts, feelings and actions to completely propel you new dimensions of living and being. You are limitless potential. Here we combine everything for you to live and express it. 

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True Self Activation
Heart - Soul - Qi Alignement

12 week online program (24 Sessions) - 3.249 EUR

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